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Our Safe-Accu Blood Glucometer is a must have for individuals with diabetes type 1 or 2 and is also used by professional athletes to precisely measure their sugar concentrations in their blood during workout.

We developed a technology that allows you to measure your glucose levels using 10 times smaller blood samples in comparison to similar devices. This allowed us to reduce needle size to a diameter smaller than your nerve centers on your finger, which makes this a painless test.

Why might I need the Safe-Accu Blood Glucometer?

If you have diabetes, self-testing your blood sugar levels can be an important tool in managing your diabetes and preventing complications, such as:

     ❌ Fatigue and lack of energy
     ❌ Risk of heart disease
     ❌ Pancreas malfunction
     ❌ Excessive urination
     ❌ Damaged blood vessels
     ❌ Risk of infection
     ❌ High blood pressure
     ❌ Gastro paresis
     ❌ Ketoacidosis
     ❌ Protein in urine
     ❌ Nerve damage
     ❌ Foot problems

    Blood sugar testing provides useful information for diabetes management. It can help you:

    • Monitor the effect of diabetes medications on blood sugar levels
    • Identify blood sugar levels that are high or low
    • Track your progress in reaching your overall treatment goals
    • Learn how diet and exercise affect blood sugar levels
    • Understand how other factors, such as illness or stress, affect blood sugar levels

    Why choose our Safe-Accu Blood Glucometer?

        ✅ Reduction of needle size by 10 times which results in almost painless test that you can do anytime / anywhere
        ✅ Giving you results in 10 seconds and storing up to 200 results allowing you to track your daily, weekly, monthly… blood sugar average levels
        ✅ It is a simple to use device for all ages: it was designed with you (our customer) in mind, so there is no skill set you need to use this device properly
        ✅ It has a large display with bold numbers for easy to read results
        ✅ Comes with a small bag for a safe and organized set storage

      When to test your blood sugar?

      The frequency of testing usually depends on the type of diabetes you have and your treatment plan.

      If you have type 1 diabetes, you may need blood sugar testing 4 to 10 times a day. You may need to test:

      • Before meals and snacks
      • Before and after exercise
      • Before bed
      • During the night (sometimes)
      • More often if you're ill
      • More often if you change your daily routine
      • More often if you start a new medication

      If you have type 2 diabetes, your doctor may recommend blood sugar testing several times a day, depending on the type and amount of insulin you use. Testing is usually recommended before meals and at bedtime if you're taking multiple daily injections. You may need to test only before breakfast and dinner if you use just an intermediate- or a long-acting insulin.

      If you manage type 2 diabetes with noninsulin medications or with diet and exercise alone, you may not need to test your blood sugar daily.

      If you are an athlete, you want your sugar levels to be precise, since blood sugar is what forms ATP molecules or in other words, energy.

      Keeping your sugar levels constant during workout is essential if you want to achieve high endurance and maximum strength.

      Keeping your glucose levels in check will allow you to take in food and food supplements in just the right amount for your workout.

      Your order comes with:

      • 1 x Lancing device
      • 1 x Glucometer with large digital display
      • 1 x PU Bag
      • 50 or 100 Test Strips
      • 50 or 100 Lancets
      • 1 x English Manual
      • Custom packaging for safe shipping
      • Note: No batteries included because of border control issues. Use standard 2 x AAA batteries


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