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We all know the importance of staying hydrated, or maybe you just can’t go without your morning coffee.

The problem we are all facing is that once our mug is empty, it just takes up so much space and it really does not fit into our purse, pockets, car door…

This problem has been solved when this amazing FDA approved, BPA free silicone technology came into existence.

Known for its durability, amazing color contrasts and a soft touch, this material is now the back bone of our foldable mug.



It holds more than ½ liter (550 ml) and can be used for freezing cold or boiling hot beverages.

When fully folded, its size is only 4 inches x 1.3 inches (10 cm x 6 cm) and it will fit even into your pants or jacket pocket.


4 Different Sizes In One Mug:


Use it for your espresso in the morning by folding it to a 250ml size. Use it for your tea break by folding the lower part of the mug and opening the upper one. Use it in the afternoon when you can put your protein shake in there for your workout or fill it with water for your afternoon walk, by fully unfolding it to its full capacity.

Main features:

      ✔️ Environmental friendly BPA-free material
      ✔️ FDA approved
      ✔️ One of a kind non scratch material
      ✔️ High temperature resistance
      ✔️ Freezing temperature resistant
      ✔️ Antifouling
      ✔️ Dishwasher safe
      ✔️ 4 adjustable sizes
      ✔️ Climbing buckle included to hang on backpack
      ✔️ Thread seal design prevents leakage
      ✔️ Temperature safe holding ring (even if content is hot or cold, you can hold the mug)


    How To Use Your MTS Foldable 550ml Mug?

    When you get the mug, we would suggest you to boil a cattle of water and pour it in to sterilize it.  

    You should normally do this with every mug you buy in a store or online, but regular cheap material cannot resist high temperatures, so manufacturers do not suggest it, even though it is necessary.

    After 5 seconds pour boiling water out of the mug and let it dry, or wipe it with a soft cloth.

    Your new Mug is ready to become your best friend when at home, strolling through park, going on a jog or having your morning coffee at your office.


    Fold just the upper part and use it for (250ml):

    • Espresso
    • Vitamins
    • Syrups
    • Wine
    • Liquor…

    Open the upper part and fold just the bottom half (350 ml):

    • Natural juices
    • White coffee
    • Tea
    • Small beer
    • Smoothie…

    Unfold both halves and use its entire potential (550 ml):

    • Protein shakes
    • Sodas
    • Large beer
    • Water
    • Electrolytes…

    Fully folded fits into:

    • Car side door
    • Your purse
    • A pocket
    • Backpack
    • Fanny pack…


    Frequently asked questions:

    How do I wash the MTS Foldable 550ml mug and is it dishwasher friendly?

    YES, this mug can be washed in a dishwasher. It consists of 4 parts and can be easily disassembled. You can put each part in your dishwasher or you can wash it by hand. You can even disinfect it by putting it into boiling water and cooking it for 10 to 15 seconds.

    Is it possible that the mug leaks?



    NO, the mug has a leakage proof screw-on system that, in combination with silicone technology and the cup mouth stability ring, makes this mug leakage proof. The only way it could leak is if something is broken, which is very unlikely since this cup is also scratch and breakage proof.

    Can the MTS Foldable 550ml mug be used by children?

    YES, this mug has been designed in such manner that it is not only a stylish accessory for adults, but also child safe. Because of its no-scratch and no-leakage technology, it is more than appropriate for youth and children any age.

    What temperature range can MTS Foldable 550ml mug handle?

    This mug can handle an incredible temperature range: from -58 °F (-50 °C) to 392 °F (200 °C)

    What can the MTS Foldable 550ml mug be used for?

    This mug is ideal for offices (coffee mug), perfect size for your car holder, hiking, camping, traveling, going out for a walk, it can even hold your fruit or vegetables…

    Will the MTS Foldable 550ml mug loos it’s shape or become softer if I put boiling hot liquids inside?

    NO, the design and technology used for this material is proven to withstand a wide range of temperatures without deforming or softening. If this mug is used in a range between -58 °F (-50 °C) to 392 °F (200 °C), you will experience no deformations, softening or hardening of material (it can get slightly harder reaching its maximum low temperature and slightly softer when approaching the highest maximum temperature).

    How many people are using this mug and are they satisfied with it?

    Currently we have more than 1500 clients worldwide. You can read what our customers have to say about our MTS Foldable 550ml mug by scrolling to the review section below.

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